In this work emerges Konopka’s need to return to figuration, to draw closer to what the eye sees after observing the surrounding reality through the filter of the soul. The feeling is that of a re-emergence from the depths of the essence after which the artist wishes to face things from a renewed point of view from which he no longer needs to detach himself from the visible but feels he can return to recount it with a new consciousness, an unprecedented awareness, a point of balance between feeling and seeing that he has learned during his journey inside himself. The arrival at a new life, meant both in the most literary sense of the term and in the more spiritual one, is told with expressionist tones, colors linked to the interiority now unavoidable by the form, but also by a bright yellow with which he describes the face of protagonist of the painting, the resurgence of a new existence, fuller, more lived in every moment because in the end the artist has discovered that it is the only way in which it can be lived. The typical grattage technique assumes a different form here, it radiates from the core that represents life, and goes towards the character, as if it wants to attract him to himself to induce him to celebrate that spiritual and physical rebirth, which he received as a gift.

Marta Lock – art critic, novelist, aphorist, essayist, reviewer, sociopsycholog

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