SELFIE (english)



In Selfie Konopka enters the depths of his personal emotional universe, leaving out the importance of exteriority and form to emphasize essence, to what he wants to glimpse of that self still to be discovered, to be explored, to leave to be revealed. The meaning of the painting lies in the research itself, in the abandoning of the figurative element that seems to be inextricably linked to the title itself, to enter the universe more impalpable of the soul to which the artist feels the impulse to give voice. The soft colors of the celestial shades are mixed with the more decisive red and black, the scratching is strong, incisive, impetuous, almost as if to describe the alternation of emotions that are accumulated in our most intimate part, which stratify in the course of circumstances and events and give rise to the people we will become a moment later. The courage to look down at those impetuosity, to look into that vortex of sensations, becomes a need to confront them, take note of them and overcome them to become more aware.

Marta Lock – art critic, novelist, aphorist, essayist, reviewer, sociopsycholog

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