CLOSENESS (english)


In the painting Closeness we note the complete detachment of Konopka from the figuration to open up to a more intimate, more interior research that initially tends towards an opening over sensations, those that the artist looks almost with wonder in their manifestation. The chromatic range is tenuous, delicate, joyful because this is probably the state of mind that he perceives himself in freeing emotions held for a long time, in a path of knowledge after which he is no longer afraid to welcome them and let them talk. The closeness of which the title narrates is that towards an interiority aware of its strength and its weakness, which the artist looks with indulgence and with the joy of being able to touch it, of being able to bring out that voice too long remained in silence. The pictorial feature is in turn calm, serene, the shades are those that make the soul vibrate, blu, violet, yellow, and also the lines, typical of the grattage technique, are light, limited to the surface, just hinted, just to give the idea of ​​the deepening of the self lived in a calm balance of full consciousness of a necessary evolution.

Marta Lock – art critic, novelist, aphorist, essayist, reviewer, sociopsycholog

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