WINDOW (english)


In this painting, Konopka enters the most introspective phase, the one in which he feels the need to immerse himself after having discovered and welcomed the pleasure of an emotion that has now come to light, so the next in-depth analysis is the one which delves even inside of his own fears, his own ghosts, his own shadows and consequently also the chromatic range is tinged with darker shades, as mysterious as it is what will emerge after having looked inside that window that faces the soul of which it talks the title of the artwork. Here the grattage is in a mildly way because the glance is already beyond, it does not need to delve to reach the place where everything is revealed, on the contrary the color is laid out in a rather fluid way, as if the artist were to slip towards that inside that remains attached to the external colors, and therefore to the pleasure of discovery, despite the awareness of having to cross the darkness of what has long remained under layers of defensive barriers and existential uncertainties. The aknowlegment is that of the importance of a journey that will then lead to a fundamental evolution, necessary, to inner growth.

Marta Lock – art critic, novelist, aphorist, essayist, reviewer, sociopsycholog

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